About us

   Private Enterprise "Davinchi Design" was established as an independent structure in 2005. Production activities of private enterprise "Davinchi Design" is carried out in accordance with the organization's charter, according to current building codes, regulations, requirements, DBN, the Civil Code and laws of Ukraine.


Main activities:

  • Design of civil and industrial projects on a "turnkey" basis;
  • Design of external engineering networks and systems;
  • Designing of engineering networks, systems and devices;
  • Serving as a "general contractor" and supervise the construction;
  • Adaptation of foreign projects to Ukrainian standards.
  • Assistance to foreign and nonresident design and construction companies in the collection of baseline data and other works due to local peculiarities.


Company has a work license for all the listed services.


List of completed works:

1. Design of a five star hotel in Beregovo (reconstruction started in 2008). 

2. Design of an apartment building for LLC "NSL" on the Zagorskaya street  in Uzhgorod. 

3. Design of the Italian woodworking factory in the village. V. Berezny Transcarpathian Region. (According to European standards). 

4. Designing a Greek plant for the production of chips "Golden Foods" (by European standards, reconstruction began in 2009). 

5. Designing clinical and diagnostic center (by European standards) in the district of "East" in Uzhgorod. (Built in 2011.) 

6. Design of multi-family residential homes on the Legocki street in Uzhgorod. 

7. Design of hotel and tourist complex for 500 people in s.Polyana, Svalyava in the Transcarpathian region. 

8. Reconstruction of children's health camp "Dream" in village Lesarnya, Mukachevo District, Transcarpathian region.(The object presented for grand in the EU Commission). 

9. Today the Company "Davinchi Design" designs the following items: 

  • Design of a residential neighborhood of "Vyshnevyj sad" for the company's "Dante" in Uzhgorod (first phase of construction was commissioned in 24.08.2011) 
  • Design of multi-family housing for the company "Tourist Ltd" (The first phase of construction will begin in 20.11.2011)
  • The project of reconstruction of production capacities Italian ski factory "condition-Blitsart" in Chop (reconstruction started in 2009); 
  • Project fitness center with swimming pool for a specialized secondary school in Uzhgorod;
  • PE "Davinchi design" can cope with all the obligations assumed, is on the rise its production capacity.
  • Claims through the Court of Arbitration at ¬ęDavinchi Design" have not been made.